11 Reasons To Use Tailwind For Pinterest And Instagram Business


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There are various reasons to use Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram Business but here we have shared only 11 reasons to use it. Scroll below to know more!

Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram Business
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Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram Business

Tailwind is a great source to grow your business with the help of high-quality platforms like Pinterest and Instagram that can generate long term income.

The platform does not consume many resources and can easily be managed by a single person to get results in engagement, traffic and conversions.

With minimal investment, you can save both time and money by using an all-in-one marketing tool made for bloggers and business owners.

Also, if you want to create a brand for your business, it could be a great way to spread awareness through word of mouth to gain a global audience.

What is Tailwind?

Maintaining a social media account can take a long time for most people and may require you to post several times a day to grow your social following.

With Tailwind, you can manage your social media presence while paying a lot less time on your account to add real value to your work.

Tailwind is a favourite for bloggers and brands worldwide who already rely on its services to drive sales & traffic to there business from Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram Business
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Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram Business

The tools include content discovery, smart planning, basic analysis, training, community building, and more to make your workload lighter.

Reasons to use Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram

1. Automate Future Posts

To grow your social media accounts, you have to post regularly on your Instagram or Pinterest page, which takes a lot of time and effort.

Tailwind allows you to submit multiple posts or pins, which you can upload to your account at any time of the day.

11 Reasons To Use Tailwind For Pinterest And Instagram Business
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Credir: g2.com

It comes with a custom calendar that helps set a time and date for your posts to maintain regular engagement with your community.

Plus, you can organize all updates professionally by creating a schedule to maximize productivity in a lot less time.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
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2. Keep Your Content Engaging

Usually, people suffer from low engagement and organic reach, caused by irregular posting time on both Instagram & Pinterest.

Now, you don’t have to wait for hours to get the maximum reach by getting an ideal schedule to make your content online.

With Tailwind, you can select specific times to encourage the Instagram algorithm to display your posts on the suggestions page.

It automatically detects when most of your followers are active to post content for getting more approvals, likes and shares from your target audience.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
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3. Boost Account Growth

Once you start using the Tailwind app, you can increase your social presence by developing strategies to attract organic traffic and followers to your page.

The bigger the audience, the better it will help you build a personal brand by directing visitors to your landing page.

With eye-catching pins on Pinterest and individual posts on Instagram, you can stay sure to succeed with the added boost in your account growth.

4. Monitor Account Activity

11 Reasons To Use Tailwind For Pinterest And Instagram Business
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Credit: g2.com

The apparent strategy to grow your social media accounts is to monitor users’ daily activity and make content based on their interest in Instagram and Pinterest.

An affordable account of Tailwind can help you monitor your activity while saving valuable money and resources in promoting the written content.

Tailwind has an inbuilt feature that allows you to check the best campaigns working in favour of your brand.

It helps you make your content more personal towards your audience in their favourite niches to better grow your brand and dominate the competition.

5. Ease of Usage

The application is relatively easy to use as it is created by a trusted brand that has partnered up with Pinterest to help optimize your business and keep it growing.

Anyone new to the industry can quickly grasp the features of Tailwind and use them to grow their social following and online presence with a lot less effort.

Moreover, once you understand the app, you can also use them to grow other brands in the market and get additional profit in return.

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6. Share Content To Blog

11 Reasons To Use Tailwind For Pinterest And Instagram Business
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Credit: Tailwind

You can take advantage of Tailwind’s live sharing feature, which allows you to share content with your blog or website with scheduled images right from your browser.

After installing the Chrome, Firefox or Tailwind app on your smartphone or computer, you can use the schedule pins to auto-update on Pinterest.

You can also save time by including images in your articles to encourage your audience to share their content with friends and colleagues.

This is a great strategy that can help you increase blog traffic as it can attract back visitors who search for your image on search engines.

7. Custom RSS Feeds

RSS for Tailwind is a beta feature available for only premium members to immediately built a list of their favourite blogs and stay updated.

This feature notifies you whenever a competitor has published a post on their website to always stay informed on modern trends.

In the future, you can add a website URL to your account, which will automatically generate and download content for your blog.

11 Reasons To Use Tailwind For Pinterest And Instagram Business
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Credit: tailwind

8. Maximize Your Profits

Tailwind’s community of people will share your content in return when you share their posts to collaborate and support each other with your blog or company page.

11 Reasons To Use Tailwind For Pinterest And Instagram Business
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Hence, it is handy to share your ally’s content on your social platforms so that others can build good relationships with you and maintain healthy networks.

Once you have promoted your brand image and made a name for yourself on the internet, you can develop a regular income from your brand image.

Refer Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members for understanding more in detail.

9. Compare Reports

If you have multiple pages in categories like fitness, fashion, food, craft and more, you can compare them to get a report that tells you which post or page performs better.

These features can help you find a niche that suits you and your audience to get more focused in those niches.

Plus, you can also browse your top pins on Pinterest and compare them to your most recent posts to find profitable tactics that will generate more traffic.

10. Loop Event Pins

Another great benefit of using Tailwind for your Instagram and Pinterest business is that you can make seasonal content automatically show up on your profile.

Whenever an upcoming event arrives in the calendar, it automatically unlocks and plays pins to grab the attention of that event.

This content can be set in two months advance, so you will be able to pair-up all your projects and blocks from a single page.

11. Make Your Work Look Professional

By uploading the same image to your Instagram account or Pinterest feed, your audience may get tired of seeing the same content over and over again.

11 Reasons To Use Tailwind For Pinterest And Instagram Business
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With Tailwind, you can automate your activity by adding custom templates available in the library to make each content unique and professional.

Choosing a tailwind template is easy enough, and it is updated regularly to suit upcoming holidays and famous events in the calendar.

Bonus# Tailwind Communities

As we all know that for creating good brand value, we must create good relationships with others.

Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram Business
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Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram Business

For that, we have Tailwind Communities which is the pride of Tailwind. There are approximately 4000 Communities that you can choose from as per your niche and meet people of like-minded creating awesome content.

How Communities help you?

It will help you find great quality content already people are creating in your niche and people thee ae supportive and they will share your pins on their boards.

Thus your pins get more exposure and eventually you will get more traffic to your page and sites.

FAQs On Tailwind App

1. Can you use tailwind for free?

Yes, you can use Tailwind for free. You can start your free trial with your Instagram account or Pinterest account to experience all features.

2. What is Tailwind used for?

Tailwind app is a Pinterest and Instagram marketing toolkit for all kind of businesses like eCommerce. It provides various features like scheduled post, Communities, best reports etc

3. Does Tailwind post automatically?

As the Tailwind app is an official Pinterest and Instagram partner, it will post your content automatically as per your desired best timing.

Final Words On Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram Business

Hope you have liked the reasons provided in this article to use Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram Business.

Tailwind is a program that can help you accelerate the growth of your Instagram or Pinterest account by driving traffic to your online Web-Store or blog.

Most businesses out there are using tailwind marketing as their primary growth strategy for generating content in any niche on the internet.

This’s why it’s crucial to use Tailwind in the competitive era to exclude yourself from other content creators and manage your Instagram & Pinterest account like a pro.

So, start your free Tailwind trial today and increase your social media account’s engagement to create beautiful pins and posts with custom tools.

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