Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

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We know very well how Amazon has impacted worldwide in terms of the online marketplace. Millions of sellers sell their products here to reach globally.

After listing their valuable products, every merchant wished to increase sales, scale it up, and grow its business.

So, if you are one of those who are looking to scale up your eCommerce business worldwide using Amazon, then the Sellzone tool is for you. It is developed to fulfil the same purpose.

Before moving ahead in this Sellzone Review 2024, let’s quickly overview the Sellzone tool, its features and pricing.

Overview Of Sellzone – Amazon Toolkit

Sellzone Review 2024: Best tool for marketplace SEO

Masood Ahmad

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?
Keyword Wizard
Listing Protection
Traffic Insights
Split testing
Listing Quality Check


The sellzone toolkit is designed and developed by Semrush, and it’s one of the best Amazon tools for merchants to boost traffic to the product listing and increase conversions and sales.

sellzone review
Sellzone Review

Sellzone is the one-stop solution for your Amazon business. Using this tool, you can easily outrank the competition and scale up your sales.

Using Sellzone, Amazon merchants can analyze everything required to scale the e-commerce business.

The Sellzone tool is developed by Semrush, one of the most prominent digital marketing toolkit provider companies.

Basically, what this tool does is that it optimizes the Amazon product pages to increase visibility so that more visitors can land on that product, thus more sales and profit.

Why Sellzone For Amazon Business?

You might be thinking, what is the need for Sellzone, and what is the need for it?

Am I right?

So let me briefly explain why you need it and what it can do for you. We know that Amazon is the largest online marketplace, and more than 2 million sellers are selling their products worldwide.

As this business is booming, hundreds of thousands of new sellers join annually. So, can you imagine how tough it is to get top results on the Amazon marketplace in whichever category you are selling your products?

If you are new or recently started, competing with millions of competitors will be tough.

So for that, you need a powerful and phenomenal eCommerce tool like Sellzone that can help you optimize your product page, A/B split testing of your pages, provide traffic insights, etc.

I will discuss all its great features briefly in the next section. This tool is designed with the ultimate motive to outshine the competition and audit your product pages to get more traffic to your product listing, more sales, and, thus, more profit.

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Sellzone Features

Sellzone has 4 powerful features currently that are more than enough to scale up your Amazon business.

As a merchant struggling to increase sales, you must be aware of these excellent features and their usability for better results.

Here are the Sellzone features:

sellzone features
Sellzone features
  • Product Research
  • PPC Optimizer
  • Keyword Wizard
  • Listing Protection
  • Traffic Insights
  • Split Testing
  • Listing Quality Check

I will discuss all these features in detail and the workings of the tool so that you can easily use them for your products similarly.

Just stick with this blog and follow my steps. So, let’s understand the details of these tools now:

1. Amazon Product Research Tool (Free)

To help people grow their Amazon businesses, Sellzone has introduced a new tool that allows you to do better product research and get more sales for your brand. With this latest update to the FBA calculator, finding the most profitable products and niches has never been easier.

Here are some of the top features users can do with the free Amazon Product Research Tool:

  • Know about demand

Analyzing the demand for a product is one of the most critical steps for an online retailer that wants to run an e-commerce store online. To help you better understand your customers, Sellzone has provided detailed information on each product so that even beginners can do their research easily.

  • Calculate Profits

Amazon sellers who are confused between FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant) can use a calculator to find the costs of both options to choose the better alternative.

The calculator shows all the estimates like Amazon costs, total profit, and future sales forecasts per month to find out if the product is profitable or not in advance.

  • Use filters

Many smart filters have been added to make navigating the Sellzone dashboard easier while finding profitable products online. You can adjust volume, match phrases and many other items in the keyword menu to sort through an endless list of keywords.

How does Sellzone’s new research tool work?

Step 1: Open Sellzone and select “Product Research”.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Step 2: Enter the category, name and price range before searching.

Step 3: Choose from the list of Amazon products.

Step 4: Adjust the filter by price and see which products are the most profitable.

Step 5: Use the Advanced Search option to sort reviews and product ratings.

Step 6: Create a favourites list by adding all the products you like for later calculations.

Step 7: Sort the Entire List to find the market graph.

Step 8: Click Calculate to find the profit using the new FBA calculator.

Step 9: Research the results and start selling.

Note: People who don’t have an ideal product to search for can use the tool without adding any names. This will show you all the products in a category or sub-category. Now move along the results until you find one product that matches your budget, appeal and style.

2. Amazon PPC Optimizer

People wanting to advertise for product sales can use Amazon PPC Optimizer to speed up the advertising process. As soon as you link your Amazon Advertising account to Sellzone, the tool runs PPC campaigns in the background without the user having to do anything.

Campaigns can be started without adding specific keywords, as this tool collects all relevant search queries to run campaigns effectively. Plus, the tool is easy for everyone to use, and after each new sale, your ad will be adjusted to get the most out of your budget.

How to use the Amazon PPC optimizer tool?

Here are the steps to take after you’ve linked your Amazon Advertising account to Sellzone.

Step 1: Open PPC Optimizer in Sellzone

Step 2: Start adding products.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Step 3: Set a daily budget and start date.

Step 4: Add keywords if necessary.

Step 5: Begin the campaign.

Step 6: Review the results and change settings if necessary.

3. Amazon Keyword Wizard Tool

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

As we know, Semrush is one of the trusted data providers with the most significant keyword database of 160 million keywords.

We use Semrush primarily in doing keyword research for website blogs and articles.

But how about if you have an excellent tool for doing keyword research, especially for Amazon products. So here is the too for you, i.e. Amazon Keyword Wizard, which was recently introduced and was one of the most awaited tools for Amazon sellers.

If you want to know about the searches people do inside the Amazon website to get profitable and low-competing keywords for your products, then this tool is perfect for you.

Not only can you see the total volume, but the Related keyword feature allows people to search for new keywords in the market that do not have the same level of competition. Here are some advantages:

  • Broad Match

In Broad Match, you get a more general set of keywords and phrases with volume and competitor data in random order.

  • Phrase Match

Phrase match shows only terms that contain the exact keyword with a few additional words for the term in any order.

  • Exact Match

The exact match offers another alternative to the main keyword, while the primary keywords are in the correct order in the body.

  • Related Match (Newly added)

Related Matches are keywords similar to the main keyword’s capabilities and have less competition. The main keyword may be missing in the entire phrase, but you get another word with a similar meaning.

Let see what is it shows when I search a keyword into it.

keyword wizard tool sellzone

Multiple filtering options are available, like a broad match, phrase match, and exact match. You can even fix applying a filter in the searches; let’s suppose <1000 volume per month and competitors <5.

How Keyword Wizard Tool can help you?

  • Outperform the competitors easily by targeting the low competing keywords for your products.
  • Get a higher search ranking by doing SEO of your products on the most relevant high-traffic keywords.
  • Many filter options are available to identify the best and most targeted keywords.
Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Enough talking about the keyword wizard tool; let’s talk about how you can start working with it?

Step 1: Enter the main or seed keyword in the Keyword Wizard Tool. For example, “Gaming chair”, as I have shown above.

Step 2: The tool will show you various keywords and possible variations.

Step 3: You now have a bunch of keywords. Try to apply the filter as per your requirements.

Step 4: Now export the selected keywords to further work on the product listing of your Amazon product.

Now, you have terrific keywords for your product listing. Start working ahead and list your product with the best SEO by optimizing it with relevant keywords.

4. Listing Protection

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Listing Protection is a monitoring tool for Amazon sellers. This tool works on automation and monitors all the listings and rankings.

When your competitor modifies their product listing, such as pricing, description, or main image, there are high chances of shifting in the ranking.

So you might lose the ranking, and your competitor listing goes up in the searches. So, the Listing Protection tool comes into action to remain in the fixed position.

With the help of this tool, you can have very little chance of getting suppression in the searches.

Furthermore, you can do a competitive analysis of your already good-performing competitors to get all relevant information.

How Listing Protection Tool can help you?

This tool has 2 significant functionalities. The first one is that it will track Amazon listing and ranking. And the second one is, as mentioned above, to perform the competitive intelligence of your performing competitors.

You need a competitive intelligence report of your good-performing competitors so that you can analyze and evaluate properly to perform better than them in the searches with your own listings more efficiently.

After that, you can request to get updates, and this tool will send you the updates more often through SMS or email so that you would not need to check them continually on your own

Step-by-step process to use this tool:

Step 1: Open Listing Protection from the dashboard and put the product listing page’s URL or ASIN in the options box from Amazon.

Then click on the “Monitor” button in front of you. Along with your listing, you can list your competitor listing as well.

Also, you can list as many as you want, as there are no limitations; that’s why this tool is helpful. I have listed one item you can see for reference; you can list it as yours. It takes 5 minutes to fetch it.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Step 2: The option “Track your Listing Issues” is available for the merchants in this step.

Sellzone review 2021

Click on it. The following interface will open in front of you. Here, you will be asked to add keywords, add Buy Box, pricing, and images and track all of them.

This feature will help you to know the best result that you would like to see before listing your own product on Amazon.

This will ask you to add keywords up to 100, but in my case, I just added 10 keywords to analyze which keyword is more practical, which I can target and which has more searches on Amazon.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Sellzone just checks which keyword it is ranking and on which position, so you can get the idea to improve it. That can be done with excellent and relevant keyword usage in the title, description, etc.

And the second option that is vital is the Buy Box. The Sellzone tool will help you in this, too, by showing who owns the Buy Box so you can take immediate action if you drop out of it.

As per Sellzone, about 90% of all sales on Amazon are made through the Buy Box.

Winning the Buy Box is very important if you want to be a successful Amazon seller. Amazon considers multiple factors when deciding which product listings to feature in the Buy Box.

The two main factors are your product price and customer feedback. If somehow your account is not in the Buy Box, then make sure your price is still competitive and lower than the competitor’s.

Also, get more positive customer feedback to get more chances in the Buy Box.

After the setup of all tracks, it might take up to 15 minutes, and the result will show in front of you if any modification has been done related to that product.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Rest all tracked data you can get from the below after scrolling it.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Step 3: Receive regular updates

So, if you would like to remain in the fixed position or upgrade, you must receive updates directly to your mail. So that you can also make changes on time and not lose any ranking.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

This is all done with the Listing Protection part of the Sellzone toolkit. It is pretty interesting to work with this tool.

5. Traffic Insights

This tool helps the merchants evaluate the market trends and know the audience traffic for the better launch of their product in the market with proper strategies.

This tool tells which product is getting how much traffic and from which sources with what keywords or backlinks.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Here, along with your product, you can compare the traffic insights with your competitor. And you can add multiple competitors’ products at the same time and compare them effectively.

For your better understanding, I have compared two products and see how the Sellzone tool shows the traffic insights of both products.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Here, you will be served with traffic insights for your competitor product that you can see without any access to that product. That’s what makes this tool unique.

You can see the overview, Referral, PLA, and Display Ads reports.

  • Overview report: The overview report simply tells you about the overview of the data in a compiled format. You can see total reach trends over the month and reach by channel of the latest month of which product performs better.
  • Google Organic: In this report, you will see which products have how much reach (impressions), how much traffic they are receiving and how many keywords they are ranking. You can get a clear-cut idea of which keywords users are searching for, what are the competition, and a lot more ideas.
  • Referrals: This report tells us about the products getting traffic from other external sources. You can analyze this to get the backlinks from the same external sources to get more traffic to your product listing.
  • PLA Report: The Product Listing Advertisement (PLA) will tell the merchants about a range of specific keywords to appear on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages.
  • Display Ads report: Here, you can see whether your competitor is running any display ads to remain at the top searches like Adwords. You will also discover what domains publish their ads.

The new Sellzone update adds one of the most wanted Traffic Insights features you can look at to track Amazon listings in your niche and see changes made by other big players.

Amazon’s organic reports allow you to check the estimated number of potential customers, analyze products, check ratings and monitor product ranking in real time to carefully analyze online competitors.

This tool can also help you generate reports for your Amazon ad campaigns and see what people are buying in your store and what isn’t selling. This will make your ads more potent by running only those people are interested in.

This is all done with Traffic Insights. Now, let’s move to the next feature. Hope you all guys are enjoying my Sellzone review of 2024.

6. Split Testing

The A/B split testing feature of Sellzone helps merchants know which product titles, descriptions, images, and prices are performing better than other listing variants. So that you can modify your products from time to time to get maximum organic traffic.

Merchant product listings should be made with relevant titles and descriptions to grab the visitor’s attention.

So this tool of Sellzone will help you in doing this. You just need to connect your Amazon account so that Sellzone can import your products.

Step 1: Connect your Seller Amazon account

You need to connect your Amazon Marketplace Web Service account with Sellzone. Just follow like this.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

Step 2: Use the Split Testing tool

After connecting, it will import all your product listings. Run the various tests on titles, descriptions, images, and prices and follow what this tool suggests.

More precisely, it will compare the number of sales for each listing variant and suggest keeping the winner one.

7. Listing Quality Check

This is basically the audit tool of Sellzone. With the help of this tool, you can get actionable advice from Sellzone to increase your visibility and conversion rates.

Amazon is picky about what you can and cannot sell, as sellers must follow many rules and regulations before listing a product. The Listing Quality Score Checker will help you make decisions more quickly by showing the results in five grades.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

If a product passes all the tests, meets all the requirements and is optimized according to Amazon, you will get “Perfect” results. Others get “good“, “decent“, “poor“, and “bad” depending on the issues. This feature helps users find problems and fix them in advance so they don’t suffer the consequences later on.

If the listing on Amazon is not done correctly, your product’s performance may decline and lead to suspension by Amazon. Three categories are classified in SellZone as Critical, Recommended and Optional so people can follow based on issues.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

So, going with this tool is as easy as we did in the first step. Just paste the listing URL or ASIN and click the Check Button.

This tool will let you know the errors associated with titles, descriptions, content, visuals, and images. So, being a merchant, you have to fix these issues to launch a better version of your product.

You can see the list of errors this tool suggests in my case.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

If you have a Sellzone account, you can start auditing the products now, fix the errors and enjoy more extensive conversions.

Sellzone Plans & Pricing

Right now, the Sellzone toolkit comes with 3 plans, i.e. Free, Growth, and Pro. If you aim to boost your business and scale it up for high revenue, then $ 50$ per month is pretty much affordable.

Even after this complete and easy guide, if you are confused about whether to take a paid subscription, I suggest you go with a free plan or, better, take a trial to learn more about this tool.

sellzone pricing
Sellzone Pricing

In the FREE Forever plan, you will get the following features:

  1. Unlimited listing split tests
  2. ASIN external traffic overview
  3. Listing checks for Amazon Requirements

If you get the idea of this tool, you can start a free trial to explore more of its features.

Note: The free Trial period will be 7 days, and you can start absolutely free. You will be charged after the trial period. Also, you can cancel anytime.

The GROWTH Plan of Sellzone offers these features:

  • Complete set of listing quality checks and improvement ideas
  • In-depth reports on ASIN external traffic channels
  • Listing Protection with all security alerts
  • + Free Features

PRO Plan Of Sellzone offers:

  • Personal account manager
  • Private onboarding
  • Extended limits
  • + All Growth features

What I like most about this plan is that, if you need any help, you have a personal account manager who can help you inspect and set up your account, and you can grow your business under their guidance.

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

The sellzone toolkit comes with only one pricing. You can avail of all the above features for just $50 per month. Just try it for your business and see the skyrocket in sales in your analytics.

How to start a Sellzone Free Trial?

Starting with the Sellzone toolkit is super easy. You just need to follow the basic steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Click here to visit the official site

sellzone review

The window will appear in front of you. From here, click on Get Started.

Step 2: Create your account

Sellzone Review 2024: Is it worth buying?

In this step, you have to create your account. Just enter your preferred email and password and click on Create My Account.

Step 3: Start your free trial

After successfully creating your account, you can go through each feature of this toolkit. But to experience all the features, you can start a free trial.

The pricing tab is available on top of your dashboard for that visit. You will see an option to start a free trial. Click on it, and you are done.

sellzone review

Sellzone Review 2024: Pros and Cons

In this section, let’s discuss some pros and cons of the Sellzone toolkit.


  • Complete set of listing quality checks & improvement ideas
  • In-depth reports on ASINs external traffic channels
  • Listing Protection with all security alerts
  • Keyword ranking alerts
  • Unlimited listing A/B tests
  • Listing Protection
  • Customer support is there to help you with your queries very quickly.
  • Trusted eCommerce Amazon tool for sellers

Support via Facebook and WhatsApp Chats

Now, everyone using SellZone can ask for help via Facebook and WhatsApp. 7 million marketers already use the platform, so there may be a 10-15 minute delay in customer support, but you are sure to get a solution to any platform problem.

Moreover, people can contact the Sellzone team to clear any other doubts before using the service and make a perfect setup.


  • It is only available right now for the US Amazon marketplace.
  • Strategy not shared with merchants to do after auditing the product listing.

FAQs On Sellzone Toolkit

1.. What is Sellzone?

Sellzone is the best Amazon Google kit for sellers to grow their business. They offer various tools to increase the seller’s revenue and beat the competition.

2. Is Sellzone free?

Sellzone is a freemium product that you can use for free, but extra features will be limited. You can start a free trial to use it for 7 days.

3. How does the 7-day trial period work?

After the free trial, you’ll be charged $50 monthly.
You can cancel your subscription if you don’t want to continue using our paid tools.

4. How do I cancel my subscription?

You can contact them via email to cancel your paid subscription and stop the recurring payments.

5. Which Amazon Marketplaces do they support?

Currently, sellzone is supporting the US marketplace and will launch it for other countries very soon.

Final Words On Sellzone Review 2024

So now we have come to the end of this Sellzone Review 2024. Hope you have liked my complete review of this toolkit.

This toolkit, as mentioned, has 4 different features, which are more than enough for any merchant to boost their sales and revenue in this competitive world.

Many merchants already use this tool, and you can read their reviews on how it has helped them achieve their ladder of success with this tool in less time.

I recommend you go with the free trial of Sellzone for a basic understanding of this tool. If you like to go ahead with a paid subscription and find it worth it, then you can go ahead. For any suggestions or queries, just comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Masood Ahmad
Masood, besides studying at IIT Kharagpur, loves to share his blogging and affiliate marketing experience to help people make money online.

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    Sadly they implemented none of the suggestions (actually the tool hadn’t been updated for months after our call) and I had to switch to something a little less basic.

    I’ll have to give it another try now that it’s clearly grown into something bigger!

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