Tailwind Create Review 2021: (Create Eye-Catching Pins Easily)

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This is the latest Tailwind Create Review of 2021, let’s scroll below to read in detail.

No matter you are an expert blogger or a beginner, you must have heard about Tailwind as thousands of bloggers are using this tool and driving traffic to their blog with the help of tailwind create.

Tailwind Create Review
Tailwind Create Review

With this amazing tool you can manage to boost your Pinterest games, and even get more leads and sales by increasing the traffic.

Well, if you are struggling with Pinterest then we highly recommended getting this Tailwind Create.

In this blog, we are going to make a detailed Tailwind Create Review, so you can get a better idea to grow your business to the next level and Tailwind can help you transform all your Pinterest traffic and activities.

Pinterest is one of the easiest and the best ways to get targeted traffic to your blogs and don’t have to rely on other social media.

Why Tailwind Create is the Best Tool?

Personally, I have been using the Tailwind create to create a lot of pins, and believe me this has been one of the best tools I have ever used for creating pins for Pinterest.

You can easily pull off something unique and the best thing is, you can keep the content creator in the mind.

Most of them face a lot of issues while creating Pinterest pins regularly. This is some of the major issue faced by a lot of peoples:

  • Making unique pins regularly as Pinterest always wants fresh ideas.
  • Creating unique design each and every time.
  • Creating a lot of pins together.

Now you don’t have to worry about it as you have got one of the best tools that Tailwind will solve your problem for sure.

The best feature about the tool is you’ll love the design and user interface as I have been using these tools for a long time and, I really love the tool.

It has all the templates, fonts, designs, and colour combinations through which you can create the best pins and get easily featured.

It does everything so quickly and easily just by clicking a few buttons.

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Who Is TAILWIND Create For?

Tailwind Create is best for bloggers who are struggling to get traffic to their blogs or websites. They can use this tool to create pins, schedule pins and drive targeted traffic.

This tool is also beneficial for VA’s, social media managers and others who are interested in creating unique eye-catching Pinterest pins.

Intersecting facts is that even a person with ZERO designing skill can crate awesome pins with just drag and drop the effort.

If you are interested in decreasing your effort and time then do try out Tailwind Create for free here.

How to start with Tailwind Create?

Now to access the Tailwind you have to follow the following steps:

  1. First, you have to signup for an account (FREE Signup)
  2. After signup start creating pins with Tailwind create

Step 1: Creating Pins

Tailwind Create Review 2021: (Create Eye-Catching Pins Easily)

If you have signed up successfully for tailwind create, then you will see the option of Create Pin Images in the dashboard.

If you don’t have a Tailwind account > start a free trial with this link now so you can follow along with this tutorial.

You can also select the Paintbrush symbol on the left of your Tailwind to start creating new pins.

Before moving ahead you have to enter some basic details to create your pin. You need to put your destination URL, Pin Title, and some images.

You can add images from your gallery or from free stock photos that tailwind provides you embedded in your dashboard.

Step 2: Set your preferences

In this, you have to set your preferences for your brand. You can select your preferred colour, fonts and upload the logo.

Tailwind Create Review 2021: (Create Eye-Catching Pins Easily)

These are asked by tailwind to maintain your brand value in each pin even if you forgot to mention it.

These settings are accessible in the later stage of creating pins as well, thus you can change it later too.

Step 3: Pick the URL and title

The next window will appear in front of you. Here you have to put your website URL on which you want to drive the traffic.

Tailwind Create Review

As you can see, Tailwind automatically creates the best suitable title for you. This is also you can change if you want.

This title will be the text overlay that appears on the image. You can change and edit it as well.

 Step 4: Choose the Image 

The first thing that grabs the attention of Pinterest visitor who is scrolling the feed, is the IMAGE.

Yes, you heard it correctly. The image plays a vital role in grabbing visitors eyes and thus they read the title and call to action and visit the website.

Tailwind Create does its best in suggesting the best images for your pins. There are 3 possible ways that you can select images for your pins.

  1. You can pick images from Free stock images sites. Just enter the small keyword like ” Business Man” and you will see the variety of free and pro images.
  2. You can pick images by putting URL. If you want Tailwind to extract the images from your blog post, you can simply.
  3. If you have custom images that you want to be in your pin. Then you can upload using the “Upload Photos” button.

Once you are done with it, you can proceed further and from here the interesting part of Tailwind create starts.

Step 5: Choose Pin Design

Now comes the fun part as I mentioned above. You will gonna enjoy it for sure.

Tailwind Create Review

On the right side of the dashboard panel, you’ll see all the designs that Tailind Create has designed for you. There are plenty of pre-made templates are available in front of you.

You can select any designs by clicking on the select button that you find underneath every design. If you are interested in editing it, that you can do it by clicking the edit button.

Step 6: Edit the image

In case you have clicked on the edit button. The next interface will open in front of you.

Tailwind Create Review
Tailwind Create Review

You can have options to give, add title text, add subtitles text if you want, and call to action on the left side.

On the right side, you will see the options to change the font, font size, letter spacing, letter height etc.

There are other options available as well like opacity, transparent overlays that you can play with if you want to give extra finishing to your pins.

Step 7: Schedule your pins

After you have done editing, you can click and Save and go back. You will visit now in the main gallery.

Tailwind Create Review 2021: (Create Eye-Catching Pins Easily)

From here you can either download your pin to use in your website blog post or download it for manual posting on Pinterest.

But wait for a second!

If Tailwind Create provides you with its best features of Scheduling, then why will you post it manually.

So yeah, you got it. Let’s schedule all your pins in advance and let never end your queue of pins flowing in your boards.

Tailwind Create Review 2021: (Create Eye-Catching Pins Easily)

All you need to just select the pin, add a description and select the relevant board, set your best timing and it’s done. Rest all Tailwind will do for you.

Pricing Details For Tailwind Create

Well, when we talk about the pricing of Tailwind the best part is it has four different plans and they are Free, Starter, Advanced, and Max plan.

Tailwind Create Review 2021: (Create Eye-Catching Pins Easily)
Tailwind Pricing

If you are a beginner, then you can start with the FREE version which is quite helpful for testing how the tool works.

But if you are aware of Tailwind then you can select from any 3 options of the paid version I,e Starter, Advanced or Max.

You get a lot of additional features once you upgrade the plan, and the MAX plan would cost you the most as compared to other planes but it’s worth getting.

Overall, the tool is quite good and we highly recommend getting the tool as it’s one of the best tools for Pinterest users to boost their traffics and generate unlimited leads.

End of this Tailwind Create review

Here is the detailed, Tailwind Create Review and I hope that you would have got an overall idea about the tool.

Tailwind create is one of the latest features from Tailwind and it helps to create all types of professional level pins that can fit your brand.

Also, the Tailwind Create tool is integrated with the tailwind platform, which means you would be easily able to track all your pins and the analytics to determine how your designs are working which is the best part about the tool.

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