Best WordPress Survey Plugins in 2022 (Polls+Survey)

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Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Are you searching for the best possible ways to know your clients and visitors well? 

Well, it’s simple, Just a survey.  But how if your business or website is on WordPress? The answer is to use the Best WordPress Survey Plugins or poll plugins.

Are you still wondering what types of plugins are best to take surveys and polls on your website? Then this article is especially for you.

Why are polls and surveys important?

With the help of polls and surveys, business owners can know their potential customers better as well as the most liked product and feature in the list.

Collecting surveys gives you speedy opinions and results that can be analysed at the same time.

You can examine the responses straight away after members put up their answers.

Surveys are nonetheless one of the satisfactory methods to get real remarks from your internet site visitors.

With the first-hand statistics you gather, you can make clever and knowledgeable selections on how to exceptionally develop your traffic, enhance your offerings, improve greater sales, and sooner or later develop your enterprise quicker than ever.

Furthermore, poll plugin system outcomes by way of developing graphs, bar charts and different diagrams to assist you to recognize the data.

This additionally reduces inaccurate conclusions and will increase the processing speed of your results.

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The Best WordPress Survey Plugins in 2022

Here are the lists of all the best WordPress survey plugins or polls plugins that you can use on your sites to engage with your audience.

1. WPForms

Best WordPress Survey Plugins
Best WordPress Survey Plugins

It is a famous WordPress form plugin used as a survey plugin with its premium version that comes with committed reporting features.

The free model of WPForms offers you access to preferred fields like email, multi-choice questions, name, dropdown, single-line text, and checkboxes.

To add superior aspects like rating, Net Promoter Score, and more, you’ll need to buy the premium version.

The premium model additionally provides a reporting dashboard to assist you to analyze your outcomes and integrations with a ton of famous email marketing services.


Easy to Use:  WPForms is the very best to apply shape constructing plugin at the market, and makes including many varieties of surveys brief and easy with a drag and drop builder.

You may even use it as a WordPress ballot plugin.

Unlimited Users:  If you examine WPForms with different survey tools, you’ll note that the maximum of them feel consistent with the user.

WPForms helps you to upload limitless customers beneath nearly 1 license.

Customizable: The sturdy functions of WPForms help you to upload a couple of fields for your paperwork for one-of-a-kind functions.

Easily consist of survey fields like textual content fields, dropdown fields, checkbox lists, radio buttons, super mega-celebrity ratings, and more.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins in 2022 (Polls+Survey)

Multiple Functions:  Everyone wishes a touch shape on their website, and WPForms helps you to make easy and superior paperwork for such things as habitual charge paperwork, donation paperwork, order paperwork, and more.

Looks: The survey reporting dashboard is stunning and gives a couple of chart kinds which include lines, pie chart, and bar graphs, all available out of your WordPress dashboard.

Conditional Logic — The clever Conditional Logic function helps you to conceal or display questions primarily based totally on preceding answers, preserving your survey clutter-lose and modern.

Email Notifications— You can send an electronic mail to the character finishing the poll or survey shape to verify that their access has been received, or maybe to your self or enterprise companions with Email Form Notifications.

WPForms Pricing:

While you can create basic surveys with the free version, going Pro is the more suitable option for the best survey experience, which costs $199.50.

Basic: $39.50 per year

Plus:$99.50  per year

Pro: $199.50 per year

Elite: $299.50  per year

2. Raffles Press

Best WordPress Survey Plugins in 2022 (Polls+Survey)
Best WordPress Survey Plugins

RafflePress is the most beginner-friendly WordPress giveaway plugin. At RafflePress, you can create attractive online giveaways for your website in minutes.


  • Giveaway rule along with the polls
  • Clear data visualization
  • Very simple and easy interface to use
  • Email marketing integration

Pricing plans:

Plus: $39.20

Pro: $79.20

Growth: $159.20

3. Crowdsignal

Best WordPress Survey Plugins in 2022 (Polls+Survey)
Best WordPress Survey Plugins

With the help of crowd signal, you can easily create surveys, polls, questionnaires and forms with 14 question and form types including multiple-choice, free type and Likert scales.

Along with it you can add custom styles that suit your brand.


  • Gathers reports that are easy to analyze
  • Just need to drag and drop to use this
  • Allows asking different kinds of questions including text, multiple-choice, and Likert scales.
  • Can be shared on various websites or social media platforms


Free: $0.00

Premium: $25 per month

Business: $59 per month

Team: $29 per user/ month

4. Quiz and Survey Master

Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Do you need to run a test with a timer and offer a completion certificate or Create a questionnaire about a topic and test your users?

If yes, the Quiz and Survey Master quiz is especially for you.

With the  help of Quiz and Survey Master quiz , you can even Send feedback surveys or polls to your WordPress users ,Create a fascinating viral quiz or personality quiz.


  • Allows us to create WordPress quizzes with leaderboards, scores, and interactive answers.
  • Helps to email the users after the survey  is completed and keep them around.
  • Reporting feature available in the premium version


Quiz and Survey Master has a free plan and for unlimited survey entries and responses, you’ll need their premium plan which starts at $99/year.

5. YOP Poll

Best WordPress Survey Plugins

YOP Poll is the perfect, easy to use poll plugin for your WordPress site. Although the user interface is not very easy to use for beginners, there are many useful features when you are ready to learn them.


  • Easy and Friendly Interface
  • Fast and Accurate
  • No coding required
  • Autonomous Poll Scheduling
  • Customizable Display
  • Automated Scheduling


YOP Poll is an open-source plugin and free to use.

6. Social Polls by OpinionStage

Best WordPress Survey Plugins
Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Opinion Stage is one of the best plugins for creating polls, polls and quizzes for WordPress. It’s the easiest way to create anything from opinion polls, feedback polls, BuzzFeed-style quizzes and contact forms to collect data and keep the interest of website visitors.


  • Images and videos can be added easily
  • User friendly
  • polls can be added to multiple places on your site like sidebars, posts, and pages
  • Multiple question types
  • Can add a CTA button to your surveys


It is completely free to use.

7. WP-Polls

Best WordPress Survey Plugins in 2022 (Polls+Survey)

WP Surveys is a highly customizable poll plugin where Multiple choices are supported. The best thing is it’s free to use.


  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Visitors are automatically shown the poll results immediately after submitting their vote.
  • Allows us to save user responses in a log, even unregistered users IP address can be tracked


WP-Polls is free.

Final Words on Best WordPress Survey Plugins

I hope you liked our listings of Best WordPress Survey Plugins or polls plugin that you can use on your websites in 2022 very effectively. These all plugins are tested and well researched.

I would recommend you to go with WPForms if you are looking to scale your business and know more about your audiences. Because WPForms offer various a lot more features that you can not get somewhere else.

And more interestingly, WPForms is not only about survey or polls there is the various function it can provide like contact forms, newsletter forms, registration forms, payment forms etc.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with these most powerful poll plugins in the list and take your business to the next level.

And if you like this article, follow us for more updates like this.

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