How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks [2021]

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Are you looking at how to track email open rates and link clicks of your website? Then you are in the right place.

How to track email open rates
Track email open rates

It’s pointless to spend a lot of time, effort, and money on email marketing, without knowing if the audiences are clicking and opening the email you have been targeting for.

In the past, it was pretty difficult to find out the status of the email after it was sent.  It was difficult to predict if the receiver received it or not, or if the email is in their spam folder.

The sender used to be unsure if the receiver had clicked on the links or opened the attachments or not. But it’s easy for us to track all these things today.

Here in this blog, you will find some basic tips on how to track email open rates and link clicks of your site by using WP Mail SMTP 2.9.

By using the premium version of WP SMTP, you will be able to track and manage different types of emails from your site easily and efficiently with the help of its different powerful features.

What will WP Mail SMTP 2.9 Actually do?

Here are some awesome features you will get if you are a pro member of WP Mail SMTP.

1.  Track Email Opens and Clicks

If you’re a Premium user of WP Mail, you can easily track email opens and clicks without any effort!

It will help a lot to find out if the mail you are sending is actually being clicked and opened or not.

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks [2021]

It can really be a game-changing feature for the people who send sales emails from WordPress, have WooCommerce Store, or for the people who are selling online courses.

To track email opens and clicks, you just need to turn on email logging, enable tracking, and boom! you are ready to go.

After the procedure, the plugin will start recording the number of clicks and opens in any HTML email sent from your site.

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks [2021]

This amazing feature will let you easily see if your emails are really getting engagement. The best part of this feature is no need to edit your email templates or edit any links.

2.  Resend WordPress Emails

What if your audiences are not receiving the important email you have been sending? Sounds terrible, right?

The thing which sounds more terrible than this is if you are unaware of that.

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks [2021]

For the people who have been through this situation, WP Mail SMTP has launched a new feature that allows you to solve all of these issues.

It allows us to find out if any important email has failed to be sent. Apart from that, it allows us to click and resend that email in a single click.

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks [2021]

WP Mail SMTP actually allows us to send the email to the same address or you can even change the email address if you want to forward it to someone else.

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks [2021]

The bulk resends feature in WP Mail SMTP will help you to easily resend multiple emails with a single click. If you are worried that it will slow down your site speed, just chill!!.

The smart queueing system embedded in it will automatically balance the sending email so that no matter how many emails you are going to resend, your site will never slow down.

3.  Save Email Attachments

Maybe you are confused that attachments will vanish if the email doesn’t reach the targeted recipient.

No worries anymore, WP Mail SMTP helps your attachment to being saved along with the original email.

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks [2021]

The best thing is there is no need to be afraid if these email attachments are eating up disk space.

Actually, the attachments are deleted along with the deletion of logs, so that you can always have supremacy over whether to delete, resend or keep them.

The resend feature of WP mail will help you to resend the previous emails along with the same attachment. Pretty cool right?

4.  EML Export

The pro version of WP Mail SMTP even allows you to Export individual emails as EML files and open them up in any email client.

If you have multiple EML files, it will also help you to Bulk export them in 1 ZIP.

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks [2021]

Viewing emails in EML format provides you with a real image of precisely what was sent.

It’s an amazing feature for anyone who desires to make sure that their email templates look the way they intended, or if you would like to archive sent mails in a visual format.

5.  Network Aggregated Email Log

It is not ideal to log in to each subsite to view the email log, right?

Don’t worry!

Now, you can save your precious time by downloading all email records in a subsite in one place.

WP Mail SMTP 2.9 Pro version has added new email records which is Suitable for network administrators working in multi-site installations.

On the email registration page, you will find a new drop-down menu. 

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks [2021]

If you are a network administrator, you actually will be surprised by how easy it is to access your email log from the email registration page of the homepage. 

They have also made the drop-down menu searchable, so you can access the log files of any website in a few seconds in case if you are working in multiple subsites.

Conclusion: How to track email open rates

Hope you have learnt a few things on how to track email open rates and link clicks of your site in 2021.

That’s the end of this article. We will be back soon with such informative topics soon, thanks for reading.

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