7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

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Are you looking to increase your conversion on your site? If yes, then these discount wheel popup plugins are the key to succeed in it.

If you are wondering then let me know how.

Discount Wheel Popup Plugins
Discount Wheel Popup Plugins

Basically, discount wheel type popups or spin the wheel popups you may come across various time while scrolling the web pages online.

These are optin forms that encourage you to take interest in gaming and show you a crazy offer in front of you. So you might take quick action by submitting your details.

Now you are in the email list of that website and you will be targeted in future for a special product or service and that website owner will increase its chances of more profit and revenue.

Can you connect the dots?

If yes, and want a similar crazy conversion on your blog or website, then these WordPress spinning wheel popup plugins are for you.

Why you need a discount wheel popup?

Spin the wheel popups look very attractive and grab the visitor’s attention in a fraction of seconds.

Discount wheel popups use gamified technology to increase the engagement of the website by encoring visitors to participate in it.

7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]
Credit: WPForms

With the help of dscunt wheel like this, you can:

  • Boost your conversion
  • Increase your visitor’s engagement
  • Collect more leads and emails
  • Promote your service or products

It’s convincing, right?

If so then I have listed some best plugins and compared them as well and will suggest the best one at the bottom, but still, you can decide as per your needs and budget.

Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress

Here are the best-picked popup plugins for the discount wheel that you can use in your WordPress sites with easy to use, install and design.

1. OptinMonster

Discount Wheel Popup Plugins

In our listing of best discount wheel coupon plugins, OptinMonster comes first in the place. It can help you to add professionally designed discount wheel popups with simple drag and drops.

OptinMonster provides you with already pre-made templates that you can choose to design your popups, that’s what makes this among the best discount wheel popup plugins.

Here you can get 3 attention-grabbing discount wheel templates to choose from. With the help of these templates, you can launch a popup within minutes.

7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

These popups are fully customizable means you can customize as you want for your site that matches your brand.

7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

You can edit the colours combination, call to action, text and image as well with the simple drag and drop feature of OptinMonster.

OptinMonster also allows targeting your audience to a great extent so that you can get potential leads depending upon location, interest, or activity. Even you can apply an exit-intent popup before any visitor tries to leave your site.

7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

Aaprt from dicount wheel popups, you can try:

  • Lightbox Popups
  • Floating Bars
  • Scroll Boxes
  • Fullscreen mats
7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

OptinMonster works with every kind of sites. You can also use it for your eCommerce sites to get more sales and you can integrate it into all email marketing tools.

How Does OptinMonster Work?

Step 1: Create a Visually Stunning Offer

Chose from 100+ pre-built templates and customize them as per your needs with a simple drag and drop builder.

7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

Step 2: Target and Personalize Your Offers with Behavior Automation

OptinMonster targeting engine works very well in targeting the audience. So that you can show perfect offer to them.

7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

Step 3: Test and Adjust in Real Time

Get the idea of which pages are working well for your campaigns and overall traffic insights right into your dashboard.

7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

Are you ready to create your own discount wheel popup?

2. WP Optin Wheel

Discount Wheel Popup Plugins

WP Optin Wheel is the first gamified opt-in plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce and this builder gives total control of your spin the wheel popup so you have total control of it. You can customize as you want.

Just like OptinMonster, this plugin also offers to edit 24 sections of the wheel with just drag and drop. You can decide what to say to your audience and what to offer them, and display the wheel accordingly.

You can also integrate it to 12 popular apps and almost to all email marketing tools very easily like these:

  • ConvertKit
  • Active Campaign
  • MailChimp
  • Sendinblue
  • Mailerlite

There are various features this plugin offers to you. You can show slide if you don’t want to show popups. Also, you can show popup on the activity like exit-intent, when clicking a button, a time trigger etc

This plugin comes with a free version and a premium version as well. But you will get limited features with the free version. You can download this plugin from here.

Discount Wheel Popup Plugins
Credit: https: studiowombat

But if you want all features, then the premium version is for you. Pricing starts from $50 per year that you can use in your one site and $99 that you can use in your 3 sites.

3. Wheelio

7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

Wheelio marketed itself as the first gamified popup tool that can help you to convert your visitors into potential leads.

Wheelio also comes up with pre-designed templates already designed for the spin the wheel discount popups that can help you to launch your campaign in minutes.

Along with the discount wheel popup, this tool also provides you with push notifications and messenger optins so that you can target the audience and get their emails and phone numbers.

This tool works with all major platforms and you can Integrate with all major eCommerce and email marketing software like Aweber, CovertKit, GetRepsonse etc.

Enough talking about its features, let’s talk about pricing.

Its baseline plan costs $14.92 a month for 30k impressions and $29.92/mo for 60k impressions, which means pay as per the impressions you received. It’s simple, int it?

This comes with a free trial also. You can try risk-free for 7 days for Shopify and other platforms as well.

4. Spin-a-Sale

Discount Wheel Popup Plugins

Like other tools, Spin-a-Sale is a powerful tool that let you design the discount wheel popups very easily with drag and drop builder.

This tool is currently available only for eCommerce sites that are using Shopify and not available for WordPress sites, but more platforms integration will available soon.

These are faetures that i liked the most:

  • Delayed appearance of popup
  • Clickable Tab to your site that visitors can themself access it
  • Both Desktop and mobile exit-intent popup
7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

This also comes with the integration of some important email marketing tools like Mailchimp, AWeber, and Klaviyo.

Still, you are looking for Shopify discount wheel popups then this will cost you $9.99 per month with 25k monthly views and have a premium plan as well that cost $24.99/mo with 100k monthly views.

Premium users get page-level targeting, protection against duplicate emails, and auto-generated coupon codes.

5. OptinSpin

spin the wheel plugin

OptinSpin is another tool available in the market with the help of which you can create a spin the wheel popup for your WordPress blog.

OptinSpin market itself as the ultimate tool for lead generation as they smartly ask the visitors to submit their email and helps you generating the quality email lists which you can use for marketing your products or service later on.

What’s best about this tool is that you can send coupon codes through email to your visitors when they will be engaged with your popup.

OptinSpin is among the cheaper discount wheel popup plugins, only costing $29 for 6 months and $38 for the full year.

6. Popup Maker

spin the wheel plugin

The best part of the Pop Maker plugin is that this tool is integrable with all major platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Wix etc

Like other spins the wheel popup plugins, this also comes up with pre-made templates that you can choose from along with a discount wheel.

7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins for WordPress [2021]

There are multple triggering activity that you can choose from the activity of your visitor of wesbite.

Make targeted offers with these triggering Events:

  • On Load- Show pop up as the visitor enters your site
  • On scroll- Show specific offer as visitor scrolled
  • On Click- Open a popup on clicking
  • On Hover- Show the popup on hovering over a particular element
  • On exit intent- Regain your visitor’s eye when they are about to leave

Enough talking about its features let’s discuss about its pricing and plans.

Basically, there are 3 plans that you can opt from i,e silver plan, gold plan and platinum plan.

The silver plan is the basic plan that comes with the basic tools needed for creating engaging popups. This plan is perfect for beginners. This costs $6.95 per month limited to only 100,000 monthly pageviews.

The gold plan comes at $12.95 per month with all features that you get in the silver plan. But you will get some cool features added like age restriction popup, social media popup and countdown popup. This plan works well with 500,000 pageviews.

If you are looking for a more powerful than the Platinum plan is for which comes at a cost of $21.95 per month and this works well with up to a million pages views.

This has additional benefits as compared to silver and gold plan like target popup by country, Facebook page popup, scheduled popup, PayPal button popup etc.

7. Wheel of Popups

best spin the wheel plugin

Wheel of Popups markets itself as the #1 promotion builder to engage your online customers, trade show prospects and email subscribers.

This is the perfect tool that you can use it any platforms whether it would be WordPress, Shopify store, Wix or any woo-commerce store.

It has integration available with almost 2000+ apps along with all leading email marketing tools like MailChimp, AWeber, get response etc.

Like others spin the wheel popup plugins, Wheel Of Popups also comes up with pre-made templates which you can customize and give the finished look as you want.

Wheel of Popups provides 10 days free trial to evaluate their product before your jump to their paid susbciptin. If you choose to purchase a subscription, you have 4 packages to choose from:

  • Basic: $19/mo for 1 website
  • Startup: $49/mo for 5 websites.
  • Business: $149/mo for 20 websites.
  • Enterprise: $249/mo for 50 websites.

Final Words on Best Spin the wheels Popup plugins

Hope you went through all the products that I reviewed here and you got a crystal clear idea of which one to choose among them.

But still in dilemma to choose the best one, then among the best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins, I would recommend you to go with OptinMonster.

OptinMonster perfect for all whether you are a beginner or a business owner. More importantly, OptinMonster is not a just discount wheel popup builder, it’s a powerful lead generation tool using which you can create various forms like floating bars, slide-in etc.

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