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Are you looking for an AAWP black Friday 2023 deal? Then you are in the right place.

AAWP is the best WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates’ websites. This is one of the most required plugins if you are running any Amazon-based affiliate websites or blogs.


Get 40% OFF now and save big this time. What are you looking for?

If you are trying to find the best deals on Black Friday for your favourite WordPress AAWP plugin, then look no further since we have brought to you the best offers and discounts that you can get during the event.

But remember that these offers are only available for a limited time, so get your deal as soon as possible for your Amazon affiliate Website.

AAWP is an automation plugin that generates affiliate links, including the tracking ID for your WordPress blog or website.

The plugin is best known by affiliate markers, as they used it to sort and filter the results to find best-seller products on Amazon for their commission business model.

It helps them to automatically update and place descriptions and prices of products using Amazon’s API, which requires no programming skills in their WordPress website and helps the site owners to generate more revenue without doing any manual linking on their site.

AAWP Black Friday 2023 offer

AAWP Offers a variety of paid packages that are for multiple individuals with different needs, but their basic plan starts from €49 for one year, which can be a little expensive for some beginners.

However, on this upcoming Black Friday in 2023, they are planning to offer great deals and rewards for their users that you should take advantage of by buying their limited-time Black Friday starting from midnight on November 24, 2023.

Original Price

The original price of the Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin i, the AAWP plugin, right now is as follows:

AAWP Black Friday2023 - 40% Off Now
  • Personal AAWP Price for 1 site starts at €49.
  • Plus, the AAWP Price for 3 sites starts at €129.
  • The pro-AAWP price for 10 sites starts at €249.
  • Ultimate AAWP Price for 25 sites starting at €399

Discounted price and Coupon Codes

PlanPriceBlack Friday PriceDiscounts
Plus€129€77.4 40%
Pro€249€149.5 40%
Ultimate€399€239.4 40%

What are the benefits of using AAWP?

Let’s take an example if you want to run an affiliate blog and you are copy-pasting every URL with their product description and important links on your dashboard to make one post.

It will take you generations to get enough posts on your blog, and it will be difficult to know which products are making money and which are wasting your time.

So, AAWP helps your website to generate monthly income without doing any work by finding products on Amazon automatically to making copies of them on your website with some advanced features that will let you automatically boost your sales, and you won’t have to do a thing.

These are some of the basic benefits of using AAWP that you need to know before purchasing it for your WordPress website.

1. High Conversion Rate

With the help of an AAWP plugin, you can easily create attractive banners for your website that can contain affiliate images, product titles, disclaimers, and command prompts with multiple layouts.

Just look how awesome the listing of products on your blog using an aawp plugin.

AAWP Black Friday2023 - 40% Off Now

That will help you encourage your visitors to click on it, thereby increasing your scale and the commission that you get from selling a product, making your profit go higher.

Like these:

2. Automatic Updates

The plugin performs a regular update on your product by adding the latest title, features, information, and links to keep your post up-to-date and SEO-friendly for search engines.

It really helps to rank it higher than other non-updated posts and provide a better user experience in return for the customer.

3. Comparison Table

A comparison table helps you compare two to three different kinds of products in a similar category. The AAWP automatically makes tables that let you compare products based on price, features, and value to get a better grasp of what you want to buy.

Let’s take a look at it.

AAWP Black Friday2023 - 40% Off Now

Also, look at this amazing layout of the comparison of the two products.

AAWP Black Friday2023 - 40% Off Now

Also, the prices and tables are updated regularly, so as soon a new product arrives on the market of the same range and with similar features it replaces the previous product on the table.

4. Geographical Tracking

Many of the users don’t even know the importance of using Geo-targeting as they have never heard about it.

Geographic targeting is a method to target a selected audience of a country or an area in which the product is selling with the Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin’s Geo-targeting feature.

You can earn a lot of money from all around the world by automatically finding the audience that wants to buy your product by linking respective country Amazon URLs.

5. Amazon Compliance

This advanced feature of AAWP allows you to follow every rule and regulation provided by Amazon to perform every task legally, so your account won’t get banned due to compliance with Amazon’s terms and services.

Additionally, it updates the auto partner detection feature and image proxy services to stay connected with Amazon API all day long, henceforth, the user won’t have to do anything manually.

7. Top Sellers List

These features allow you to use multiple product details in one post that lets you bring together all the best-selling products of a specific niche or of a category in a single page that gives your audience a general idea about their favourite product.

The feature of AAWP is so popular amongst affiliate marketers because it also helps you to increase your click rate by providing more than one product which is more likely to be selected by the user to buy.

Also, you don’t have to review every link manually because the plugin does that for you with the same style and design to provide an SEO-friendly article with multiple product links to follow.

AAWP Features

There are various features aawp has, but some of them are listed below.

Custom Designs

AAWP offers awesome layouts of the products that convert really well. Some of the best designs are:

  • Comparison Tables
  • Best-selling tag tables
  • Small widgets
  • Compact tables


Information In Real Time

Whenever you will be linking any Amazon affiliate products and as a link or table. You can’t update pricing features all day.

But this plugin really helps in updating all the information like pricing, specifications, and descriptions automatically when the seller updates it.

Updated articles are also loved by Google, and they provide transparency to visitors.

Widgets Available

As we know, we can use aawp by just creating a simple shortcode and pasting it anywhere in posts or pages we want to specific products or tags or even categories.

Here, using AAWP, you can easily choose the layout for various widgets, and also, if you want, you can integrate items in the sidebars.

Buy On Amazon customizable.

After products in the bottom, you mostly see the “Buy On Amazon” button, but that can be customized easily in aawp plugin using the shortcode.

You can add the second button with a name like Check Black Friday Deals, etc, to it and use it for specific posts, reviews, etc.

Responsive and mobile-friendly

The layouts or widgets created for use in your Amazon affiliate’s blogs are responsive, and the layouts developed for the desktop will be mobile and tabs friendly as well.

FAQs On AAWP Black Friday 2023 Deals

1. When will the AAWP black friday 2023 deal be live?

The Black Friday 2023 offer will be for a limited only, and it will go live on Nov 24 and end of Nov 27, 2023.

2. What is the offer on AAWP black Friday 2023?

AAWP black Friday offers 30% OFF on all of their plans. So never miss this awesome opportunity to save a big on the purchase.

3. What is the AAWP discount coupon for black Friday 2023?

The coupon code for this year’s AAWP black Friday deal is BLACKFRIDAY23.

4. How to avail of Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin black Friday offer?

You can see the buttons provided above. Just click on it, and you will be redirected to the discounted page. Before checkout, don’t forget to apply coupon code.


Black Friday Deals – 40% OFF

Bottom Line

Automizing your amazing affiliate website can be a great way to save time and exercise is the speciality of AAWP, but some beginner users find it a bit expensive.

However, AAWP Black Friday 2023 deals gave 40% off on all of their services, which was a golden chance to save you money last year and this year, they are planning to do the same or a better offer.

So you should check out our discount coupons to get a great deal for growing your Amazon affiliate website.

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