Best Fonts For Blogs To Level Up Your WordPress Blog (2019)


Do you know fonts you are using on your blog matters a lot!

May not to you, but as a reader it matters a lot to me & others.

I visit almost 100s of websites every day. But sometimes when I am on a web page which is using very fancy fonts which are hard to read. Can you guess what I do with those pages?

Exactly you guessed it right, I simply close that web page and visit to the next result in Google search results.

This is not just in my case, It happens same with every internet users.

So you have to always keep in mind that a Good font enables your readers to consume your full content. And if you are using a bad font on your blog then you are definitely going to lose your lots of visitors, conversion, and sales.

Now you must be thinking which is the best fonts for my blogs?

Don’t worry my dear friend, we have researched the best WordPress fonts and found 35 best fonts for blogs which suite every website.

But before we do that, lets understand the psychology behind fonts which makes a font good or bad.

The Psychology of Simple Fonts

Two researchers, Hyunjin Song and Norbet Schwartz did an experiment about the fonts.

Their experiment involved two groups of people. One group received directions in a simple font (like Arial), and the other group received directions in a fancy font (like brush)

What happened?

The result were surprising.

The first group of People who received the simple font estimated that the task would take 8.2 minutes to complete. Whereas the second group of people who received the complex font estimated that the task would take15.1 minutes to complete.

Insane, right?

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